Find your next
flip before your
competition does

A Chrome extension that sends you an email
when a listing matching your search criteria
gets posted on an online marketplace

Save Time

Quickly scan your email for new listings instead of browsing all day.

Get More Deals

Using Syft, you'll be able to put offers on more deals - which means you’ll get more of them!

Get Better Deals

With more options to choose from and more time, you can prioritize the best deals.

Make More Money

More and better deals means more money in your pocket at the end of each week.

How It Works

1. Download Syft - while on a computer, click the "Get Started Free" button and then select "Add to Chrome" to download

2. Set Search Criteria - go to your favorite online marketplace, run your search you want emails for, and select the Syft extension

3. Check Your Email - instead of spending hours each day browsing different marketplaces, just check your email for new listings!

Searching for new inventory can easily suck 5-15 minutes from you every time you check - and if you want the best deals you need to check often. We've all experienced seeing an amazing deal only to reach out and find it's pending or sold.

You shouldn't have to choose between missing out on awesome deals or spending all your time searching for them. Looking for your next flip shouldn't steal all your time - by utilizing Syft, you can take your time back. (Click to read more)

If you are flipping as a side hustle or full time gig, you have experienced the difficulties of inventory management. Spend too much time looking for deals and your bottom line suffers when you don’t have the time to work on other aspects of your business. Neglect finding and purchasing inventory and you’ll suddenly find yourself badly needing new inventory and purchasing bad deals you won’t make much from just to have something.

Getting a good flow of deals coming in shouldn't be so difficult. I created Syft to take my valuable time back, get more and better deals, and ultimately make more money. I’ve been able to do all of those things and you can too.

See why Josh told me, “I can’t go back to not having this.”

Joshua - San Antonio

"As a part time flipper, Syft helps me find high quality deals so I can maintain a steady flow of profitable sales each week all while saving me a ton of time."

Phill - Nashville

"I recently spent an entire weekend out of town with my girlfriend and I still found 3 amazing deals within 30 minutes of them being listed. Saved me several hours of browsing and made me close to $1000 extra in one weekend. As long as this program exists I will use it"