About Us

We are two brothers who had a problem and decided to create a solution for it. We believe that flippers shouldn't have to spend so much of their time doing tasks that can be automated. Your time is valuable and should be spent doing the activities in your business that make you money.

Being glued to your phone in order to stay on top of newly listed items should be something that you outsource. The problem with outsourcing is its expensive, difficult to find someone you trust, and time intensive to train them. With Syft you can stay on top of new items 24/7 without having to hire, train, and manage a VA and by using a fraction of the time it normally takes you.

We understand these issues because we experienced them firsthand. We also experience the benefits of the solution firsthand every day. By using Syft we, and our users, save hours each week that can be spent on business tasks or with our families as well as make more money by being the first to reach out on the best deals that get listed.

In the flipping business being fast is vital. When a good deal is posted being first to reach out is the key factor in whether or not you get to purchase it. The saying is true, you don't make your money when you sell, you make your money when you buy.

Don't waste your time and lose out on profits by checking for new inventory on your own. Let Syft manage your search for new inventory - save hours each week and make more money. Start your free trial today!


Sectional flipper since Jan 2021 and serial entrepreneur


Software engineer and Chrome Extension expert